Aiven Kafka 0.10.2 now available

With improved stability and enhancements, Kafka 0.10.2 adds incredible functionality for Aiven Kafka users. Read about the specific improvements and how to get it.

20 April 2017
Hannu Valtonen
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Chief Product Officer at Aiven

We're making Kafka 0.10.2 available to all our customers today, for our existing customers the updates will be rolled out starting next week.

Improved stability and enhancements

Apache Kafka version 0.10.2 brings many enhancements and bug fixes to Kafka.

Kafka 0.10.2 is also groundbreaking for those who have been using the official Java client. Before the 0.10.2 release newer client versions could not talk to older cluster versions. The new Java client coming with 0.10.2 is finally able to talk to cluster versions 0.10 and 0.10.1 as well as the latest 0.10.2.

The new release comes with lots of other useful bug fixes as well. Previously for example if you deleted a topic, recreated it and tried consuming from it, Kafka would "remember" the old commit offsets. Now that's happily been fixed.

  • [KAFKA-2000] - Delete consumer offsets from kafka once the topic is deleted

Another thing that people have been asking us about is that since Aiven Kafka does not give out access to Zookeeper directly, they've been not able to use Kafka streams functionality. That situation has now improved on the Apache Kafka side with the removal of the need to use Zookeeper directly.

  • [KAFKA-4060] - Remove ZkClient dependency in Kafka Streams

If you're interested in using the  Kafka Streams functionality with Aiven Kafka please contact us and we'll get you set up with our beta program for enabling it.

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