Configure your app and data for Continuous Delivery with Netlify

Learn how to to set up and configure an example data application for continuous delivery.

The application uses PostgreSQL® and Redis®*, and you will use Netlify to automate the deployment process.

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What's in the Workshop Recipe?

Continuous deployment is a powerful technique, allowing a web application and associated data to be automatically published when the software changes.

In this workshop, we’ll show you how to set up an existing application, that uses PostgreSQL® and Redis®* as backend services, for continuous delivery of itself and its data.

Using your own fork of the application’s GitHub repository, we’ll show you how to add Netlify integration, so that the app (and its data) can be deployed when a change is pushed to the repository.

You’ll get to demonstrate automated deployment of main, and also when a PR is created on a branch. This last is especially useful in continuous integration (CI) to allow reviewers of the PR to check the proposed change against actual data in a live scenario. It also allows writing integration tests against live data.

And the application? Well, that’s fun in itself - it’s a nice demonstration of the benefits of a Redis cache for a PostgreSQL application.

Prepare for a Brain Upgrade

You will learn:

  • How to create a free Aiven for PostgreSQL service
  • How to create a free Aiven for Redis service
  • How to configure an application using those services for continuous delivery, using Netlify as the example mechanism


See the workshop forum page for more information about the prerequisites and how to set them up.

If you don’t have a Netlify account, we’ll show how to set that up in the workshop itself.

Workshop host

Tibs (Tony Ibbs)

Developer Educator, Aiven

Tibs (Tony Ibbs) moved into Developer Relations on joining Aiven at the start of 2022. Before that, they were a software developer, working in fields such as mapping and GIS (geographic information systems), set-top boxes (and embedded Linux), and backend cloud services (Python and Flask or Django; Ruby and Rails).

They have always cared about developer education, and this wish to help colleagues understand their current favourite technologies made the move to Developer Relations feel natural. They’re also enthusiastic about helping others get started speaking at conferences.

They are fascinated with documentation and how it is written, and have spoken on the history of text markup, and on mechanisms for automated "linting" of text. They have attended PyCon UK since its inception, and ran the Cambridge Python User Group (CamPUG) from 2007-2022.

Pronouns are they/them or he/him, and preferred name is Tibs.

Sébastien Blanc
Sébastien Blanc

Staff Developer Advocate, Aiven

Sébastien Blanc is a Passion-Driven-Developer with one primary goal: Make the Developers Happy. He likes to share his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun and focused on live coding.

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