Corporate cloud and sustainability strategies

Monitor and optimize carbon emissions from your Cloud infrastructure with Aiven.

Aiven provides an open-source Carbon Footprint Tool that measures the emissions for every workload in any major cloud. You can then decide to optimize your architecture, or to move a workload into a cloud region with a datacenter with better environmental credentials.

Those migrations within and across major clouds can be done seamlessly through the Aiven platform tooling. This solution helps your IT team be proactive about protecting the environment. But how does the Carbon Footprint Tool actually work? This is the main focus of our whitepaper.

This whitepaper delves into essential topics such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, providing insights into types of emissions and their impact on sustainability strategies. Then we discuss the calculations and provide the essential information to understand how the Carbon Footprint Tool algorithm works.

Explore this whitepaper to discover practical tips for curbing your cloud carbon emissions.

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