What’s new with Aiven Q2/Q3 2023: Latest product updates and features in the Aiven Platform

Join us for an exciting opportunity to discover all the latest product developments in Aiven’s open source data platform! During this webinar, we will be discussing how Aiven democratizes access to popular open source database technologies such as PostgreSQL®, MySQL and Redis®* and we will dive deeper into Aiven's newly introduced Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC) deployment model.

We will also discuss how Aiven enabled Vector Search with the addition of the pgvector extension to Aiven for PostgreSQL and then go over our re-designed and expanded product offering through the AWS marketplace.

Finally, we will go over some upcoming product updates scheduled to come up in the next few months that will further enhance our platform capabilities for enterprises across the globe.

Join us for an interactive webinar and ask all your burning questions directly to our product team while we discover together how Aiven can take your open source data infrastructure to the next level!

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Bob Krygowski portrait
Bob Krygowski

Product Director, Platform, Aiven

Bob Krygowski is a Director of Product Management at Aiven, responsible for Aiven’s platform, which enables customers to consume 11 leading open source data products across multiple clouds. Bob has diverse experience across product management and consulting for cloud infrastructure, cloud migration, and cloud managed services. In addition to Aiven, Bob has worked for leading enterprise cloud services companies, including AWS, 2nd Watch, HP Enterprise, and DXC. Bob received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Bentley University.

Amy Krishnamohan portrait
Amy Krishnamohan

VP of Product Marketing, Aiven

Amy Krishnamohan is VP of Product Marketing at Aiven responsible for product / solution marketing. She has diverse experience across product marketing, marketing strategy and product management from leading enterprise software companies such as Google, MariaDB, SAP, Accenture, Cisco and Intuit. Amy received her Masters in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University