Build to scale with Aiven!

In this session we will show how to leverage Aiven for Dragonfly and Aiven for AI.

First, we’ll discuss how to increase your throughput and reduce memory usage by 25% compared to open-source Redis®️. Then explore scalability, efficiency, and advanced capabilities ideal for caching, gaming leaderboards, messaging, AI applications, and more.

After that, we’ll jump into Aiven’s latest AI use cases and cover:

  • Perform Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) directly from your operational data layer
  • Provide real-time and governed data to your AI
  • Accelerate writing performant code by providing developers with index and SQL rewrite suggestions.

Join to learn how to evolve your applications to scale with robust caching and AI methods while optimizing costs. Watch now and begin your journey towards increased performance, scalability, and innovation!

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About the speakers

Francesco Tisiot
Francesco Tisiot

Senior Product Marketing Manager, AI Services, Aiven

Francesco comes from Verona, Italy and works as a Senior Product Marketing Manager, AI Services at Aiven. With his many years of experience as a data engineer, he has stories to tell and advice for data-wranglers everywhere. Francesco loves sharing knowledge with others as a speaker and writer, and is on a mission to defend the world from bad Italian food!

John Joseph Kennedy portrait
John Joseph Kennedy

Head of Databases, Product, Aiven

John has been in the data trenches for years since departing from Rocket Science as a degree, tackling everything from teleco networks to massive enterprise platforms. That hands-on experience gives him deep insight into customer pain points, guiding his product vision. He thrives on building great teams and his Irish heritage might have something to do with his love of direct customer.