The Evolving Building Blocks of Data Streaming

Struggling with complex data pipelines and opaque pricing structures?

Join us to gain insights on building the next generation of data-streaming platforms and how by reframing your current approach you can:

  • Reduce operational complexity and overall Kafka costs
  • Tailor your data-streaming platform to manage growing capacity demands efficiently
  • More optimally take advantage of hyperscaler discounts through a BYOC deployment model

We'll also cover real-life examples of organizations that have gained better control over their data infrastructure while reducing overall Kafka costs and provide a forum for an interactive dialogue based on the material presented.

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About the speakers

John Turner portrait
John Turner

Senior Technical Account Manager, Aiven

John Turner boasts over 15 years of diverse technical leadership in the financial sector, adept at managing intricate technical landscapes while prioritizing seamless client engagement.

His expertise spans database management, cloud infrastructure, and document storage, consistently delivering tailored solutions aligning with stringent industry standards and unique client needs.

    Larry Heathcote portrait
    Larry Heathcote

    Head of Product Marketing, Aiven

    Larry has been in the data, analytics, and event streaming space for more than 20 years, making contributions for Fortune 500 companies as well as several startups.