Tech Due Diligence for Early Stage Startups: Insights from Atomico

Join us for an insightful conversation with Sasha Vidiborskiy from Atomico, where he will share the practical aspects of how Atomico approaches tech due diligence for startups.

Sasha will provide examples of:

  • what investors evaluate at different funding stages
  • guide on preparing for a tech due diligence process
  • offer insights on being investment-ready in 2024

Check out this insightful session tailored for early stage founders gearing up to navigate the fundraising landscape in 2024.

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Sasha Vidiborskiy profile photo
Sasha Vidiborskiy

Partner at Atomico

Sasha Vidiborskiy is a Partner at Atomico, based in London. He focuses on enterprise software, including blockchain/web3, developer tools and AI/ML applications, among others. He has led Atomico’s investments in Mondoo and Ben, and is on the boards of JobandtalentCloudNCVarjo.

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Andra Nuta

Startup Program Manager, Aiven