Making realtime decentralised decisions with data

Realtime demands come from decision-making especially in scenarios involving human interactions. Reducing latency in decision-making is key and failure to provide timely recommendations or actions can lead to negative user experiences and trust issues.

Watch this video and uncover:

  • the challenges of realtime decision-making in decentralised applications
  • why trust is crucial in decentralised systems, despite the term "trustless" being associated with blockchain networks
  • how to address these challenges with the use of open source tools for handling large amounts of data, running tasks and streaming jobs in realtime
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Ben Gamble
Ben Gamble

Enterprise & Solutions Marketing Lead, Aiven

Ben has spent over 10 years leading engineering in startups and high-growth companies. As a founder, a CTO, a producer and a product leader he's bridged the gap between research and product development. Having worked with the cutting edge of augmented reality, scaling 3D gaming, and same day logistics, he’s no stranger to taking on technical challenges, and the commercial realities that entails. Having found a home in DevRel in recent times, Ben now works to make real-time data a reality for anyone who needs it with open source tools and shared ideas.


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