Insights unlocked: ingest, search, aggregate, view, and analyse data with Aiven for OpenSearch on GCP

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Ever considered bringing OpenSearch’s powerful capabilities to your GCP data infrastructure, but not sure where to start? Tune in to our webinar to hear top tips from Aiven’s technical experts and OpenSearch gurus.

Expect to learn:

  • What is OpenSearch and what makes it a superior search solution?
  • 3 reasons to integrate open source search capabilities to your data infrastructure.
  • 3 real life examples of how peers successfully integrated Aiven for OpenSearch in their GCP data infra.
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Michael Coates portrait
Michael Coates

Senior Solution Architect, Aiven

Michael started out as a Perl & Java developer writing app servers before you could get one off the shelf, but quickly adopted an opensource-first approach to enterprise software development & architecture which he's followed for over 25 years.

Since first using Apache Lucene in 2006, Michael has been incorporating Search into apps as a way to lift user experience & give enterprise users the "Google experience" we've all come to expect.

As part of Aiven's Solution Architecture team, Michael gets to play with all the best Open Source data platform tech at a company that believes in & actively contributes back to the open source community.