Aiven for IoT - Our robust data pipeline for better data use

Your devices are generating ever-increasing data loads in complex, volatile real-world conditions. To help you make use of that data, we offer a robust data pipeline that can receive, store, and analyze it.

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Reduce latency with the cloud

The closer your data infrastructure is to your devices, the faster the data transmission. And the faster the data transmission, the faster you can make adjustments to critical systems or respond to a consumer app.

You can also quickly scale your hardware resources to your needs. For instance, if you’re sending data from HVAC sensors, you can increase capacity during months with extreme weather and decrease it during more temperate ones.


Reduce it even further with Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka is renowned for its ability to handle massive amounts of data at low latency. This means that your hot data can be handled immediately and your cold data can be batch processed for later analysis.

Kafka is popular because of its resilience, scalability, and speed.


And process your data in batch and real-time

Apache Kafka® makes your data available for real-time and batch processing. For the former, you can include a stream processor such as Kafka Streams or Apache Flink®, then push your data into Apache Cassandra® for handling information like last known device state.

For batch processing, it could be as simple as sending your data to S3 for full backups, batch analytics, or even machine learning training. The best part? Aiven can manage most of these components, letting you focus on tasks that add business value.