The Aiven platform now integrates with Prometheus

26 November 2018

Helsinki, Finland

The Aiven platform can now be integrated with Prometheus. Released in 2012, Prometheus is a popular open source monitoring and alerting system modeled after Google’s monitoring system, Borgmon.

Alexander Rickardsson, Site Reliability Engineer for Aiven discusses how the Prometheus integration works with the Aiven platform, "Prometheus utilizes a pull-based system, meaning it will scrape the endpoints you configure it to, rather than wait for systems to report metrics to it. Aiven will provide the endpoints containing metrics from your services, and you can point your Prometheus installation to them. Be it your main production monitoring installation, or just a local copy running on your laptop while doing development. The freedom and choice are yours."

Prometheus allows users to create complex alerts based on a number of factors due to its query language and is integrable with a number of databases and graphing systems, such as Grafana.

Aside from its popularity, its active open source community and integrable nature are the primary reasons why Aiven chose to support Prometheus as an available integration for their platform.

The integration can be triggered from the Aiven dashboard with a few button clicks and is available for Elasticsearch, Kafka, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Users can also send data from Prometheus to other Aiven services, such as TimescaleDB for long-term storage and Aiven Grafana for rich graphing.

To learn more about the Prometheus open source project, visit{:target="_blank"}.

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