Dec 18, 2019

Aiven triples revenue and adds Amazon executive to board

Aiven Press Release: In 2019, the company tripled its revenue, added an Amazon executive to the board, opened new offices & more.

HELSINKI, Finland — December 18, 2019-Aiven, a leading cloud technology startup providing a portfolio of managed database and stream processing products, closes 2019 after tripling its revenue run rate to $12M and doubling its headcount to 42 during the year and having opened new offices in Berlin and Sydney in addition to the existing ones in Helsinki and Boston.

“Aiven’s 2019 growth is a strong indicator of our future success and momentum going into 2020,” said Oskari Saarenmaa, co-founder and CEO at Aiven. “Our goal has always been to help our customers focus on what’s most important to their businesses while we provide them the cutting edge cloud technology that allows them to move faster. Establishing a physical presence in new locations combined with our strong financial development allows us to offer an even better level of service to our growing, global customer base in 2020.”

In addition to its increasing global presence and revenue, Aiven continues to bolster it’s leadership team by appointing Olaf Schmitz, former head of business development at Amazon, to the company’s board of directors. Schmitz carries extensive business innovation knowledge aimed at helping operations run smoothly from his background at Amazon, and he will leverage his expertise at Aiven as chairman.

“The future of business relies on the ability to manage data in a modernized, simplified way,” said Schmitz. “Aiven’s open source data solutions are precisely what businesses need to help optimize data collection and reduce growing security risks. I’m elated to join the Aiven team as chairman to help continue its rapid growth and success.”

Enterprises are awash in data and batch processing is no longer good enough to maintain a competitive advantage. As data pipelines have modernized, they have rendered data actionable in real-time. But the components that comprise the pipelines are complex, making them difficult to implement and manage.

Aiven’s platform removes this obstacle, allowing enterprises to build these modern pipelines and take advantage of real-time use cases such as IoT. For example, Aiven for Apache Kafka underlies Comcast’s Xfinity Home IoT concept, which requires high availability and low end-to-end latency.

“At Comcast, we needed a robust managed Kafka solution for some of our most critical workflows. Based on our evaluation, Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support, and performance,” said Adam Hertz, VP of Engineering.

Further propelling its 2019 momentum, Aiven plans to expand with M3 time series database and Apache Flink stream processing product releases in 2020, maintaining its quick-to-market strategy and leadership position. Aiven will continue to be the first database services provider to offer major version updates to its current offering, such as PostgreSQL 12{:target="\blank"}, which became available in November 2019. The success behind the release of Kafka Connect as a Service is another demonstration of the caliber of service and pace Aiven intends to maintain throughout 2020.

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About Aiven

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and with offices in Boston, Berlin and Sydney, Aiven is an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified cloud data platform provider, operating managed open-source database, event streaming, cache, search, and graphing solutions for over 500 customers worldwide.

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