Jun 19, 2018

Aiven the first Google Cloud partner in GCP Europe-North1

Aiven Press Release: In 2018, we became the first Google Cloud partner to offer managed services in GCP Europe-North.

HELSINKI, Finland — June 19, 2018- On June 18th, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) released its latest cloud region, europe-north1, located in Hamina, Finland. The primary purpose of the 3-zone region is to decrease end-user latency in the Nordics and Eastern Europe.

GCP end-users include those using Google services, such as Cloud SQL, as well as those using services from Google Cloud partners. One partner is Aiven, an ISO 27001 certified Database-as-a-Service company.

On June 19th, one day after Google’s release of europe-north1, Aiven became the first partner to offer production-ready database services in the region, marking their their 16th GCP region.

Aiven’s CTO, Heikki Nousiainen, believes one of their core competencies is making newly released regions available for their customers as quickly as possible, and that doing so is one of their competitive advantages, "We're fully committed to and also uniquely capable of meeting our customers’ requirements on running workloads in any location of their choosing, whether they select a cloud region for latency, performance or regulatory reasons. Quickly providing the newest Google Cloud Platform region was a logical continuation of this promise: this specific region is especially well suited for our customers to address the Nordic and Eastern European markets."

As with other GCP regions, Aiven offers open-source PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka and Cassandra, OpenSearch, Redis, InfluxDB, and Grafana—most of which can be used alone or in an integrated manner.

About Aiven

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and with offices in Boston, MA, Aiven is an ISO 27001 certified Database-as-a-Service provider, operating managed open-source database, messenger, cache, search, and graphing solutions to over 300 customers worldwide.

You can visit for more information or follow Aiven on Twitter: @aiven_io.