Oct 14, 2020

Aiven services now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Aiven helps customers unlock data-driven innovation by continuing to open access to advanced, open-source data pipelines via its listing on Google Cloud Marketplace.

HELSINKI, Finland — October 14, 2020- Aiven, a leading technology company combining the best open source technologies with cloud infrastructure, announced today that its products will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace, starting with Aiven for Apache Kafka. This will enable customers who use Google Cloud to simplify their procurement process when purchasing Aiven products.

Customers who purchase Aiven services through the marketplace will receive a single invoice from Google Cloud, rather than one from each service provider. Even more, they will also be able to apply the cost of those services purchased there toward their cloud spending commitments with Google Cloud.

“We’re excited to partner with Aiven to make their capabilities in open-source data pipelines available on Google Cloud Marketplace, simplifying aspects like deployment, management, and billing, and helping customers get more value out of their data on Google Cloud,” said Manvinder Singh, Director of Partnerships at Google Cloud.

To that end, Aiven plans to offer their full complement of services on Google Cloud Marketplace. Opening this new channel provides access to a new segment of potential customers to the open-source provider, customers who otherwise might not have been able to access Aiven's products due to procurement rules that add just enough friction to prevent their adoption.

“As we’ve gained credibility with larger and larger organizations, we’ve seen that a major hurdle in their adoption of our services are the difficulties they face in navigating their procurement processes,” said Hannu Valtonen, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Aiven. “With our availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, we remove that obstacle for many, staying true to one of our founding principles, ensuring access to advanced, cloud-based open-source data technology.”

Companies including OVO Energy and Adeo run Aiven services on Google Cloud to enable their engineering teams to build and support the products that improve business outcomes.

To learn more about their Aiven for Apache Kafka Google Cloud Marketplace listing, visit here.

About Aiven

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and with offices in Berlin, Germany and Sydney, Australia and Boston, MA, Aiven is an ISO 27001 certified cloud data platform provider, operating managed open-source database, event streaming, cache, search, and graphing solutions for customers worldwide.

You can visit for more information or follow Aiven on Twitter: @aiven_io.