Mar 11, 2020

Aiven services now available in the AWS Marketplace

Aiven Press Release: Our managed Apache Kafka is now available at AWS Marketplace also for existing AWS accounts. Customers can now easily access Aiven services.

HELSINKI, Finland — March 11, 2020-Aiven, a startup that combines the best open source technologies with cloud infrastructure, announced today that its products will be available in the AWS Marketplace, starting with Aiven for Apache Kafka. This enables customers who use AWS to simplify their procurement process when purchasing Aiven products.

This new option allows customers of both services to receive a single invoice from AWS, rather than having two separate bills from the service providers. Additionally, purchases of Aiven services through the marketplace will count towards customers’ cloud spending commitments with AWS.

“Given the size and scope of AWS, it was a no brainer to simplify the procurement and accounting processes for their marketplace customers,” said Hannu Valtonen, VP Product at Aiven. “Our aim is to make it easier for our customers to take open source technology into use, and this is an important step in that direction.”

Aiven will gradually make its other offerings available in the AWS marketplace over the coming months. This strategy enables the open source cloud provider to reach a new segment of potential customers who might not have been able to access Aiven’s products due to having different procurement rules that would have prevented it. With the ability to purchase Aiven through AWS, those users have better access to open source technology.

Visit the Aiven for Apache Kafka page to learn more about it.

About Aiven

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and with offices in Boston, Berlin and Sydney, Aiven is an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified cloud data platform provider, operating managed open-source database, event streaming, cache, search, and graphing solutions for over 500 customers worldwide.

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