Dec 6, 2022

Aiven introduces an open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka

Aiven’s Apache Kafka portfolio is the first and only fully open source based event streaming framework

HELSINKI, Finland — (December 7, 2022) — Aiven, the open source cloud data platform, today announced a complete open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka®, delivering a robust– and fully open source real-time data ecosystem with the latest additions of its beta service of Aiven for Apache Flink®, a stream processing framework, and Klaw, a data governance tool for Apache Kafka.

As the first to offer managed Apache Kafka in the cloud back in 2016, Aiven has become the one, true open source Apache Kafka offering in the market. With the recent acquisition of Klaw, Aiven now provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services around Apache Kafka to let customers transport, manage, process, operate and efficiently govern their organization’s streaming data in real-time. Customers utilizing the Aiven platform can now tap into new capabilities with Aiven’s streamlined, truly end-to-end open source event streaming architecture. Aiven recently announced Klaw in September 2022 after acquiring Kafkawize, a self-service open source data governance tool for Apache Kafka.

“As a leader in the open source community, Aiven is on a mission to manage software that makes developers' lives easier – and with our complete, open source streaming open source streaming ecosystem of technologies around Aiven for Apache Kafka, we’re able to do just that and more for our users,” said Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and Co-Founder of Aiven. “I couldn’t be more excited to share this streaming ecosystem with the community and continue fueling innovative, data-intensive open source technologies.”

Here is the complete open source streaming architecture included in Aiven’s open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka:

“We’ve been using a variety of solutions from Aiven for our event streaming needs, such as Aiven for Apache Kafka and Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect. The combination of Kafka from Aiven, its APIs, and the Terraform provider from Aiven, has enabled us to automate almost everything: configuration, deployment, and maintenance.”, said Carlos Olmos, Senior Principal Software Engineer from Everactive, an IoT platform based on self-powered sensor devices and low-power wireless communication. “Aiven’s support and tooling around Kafka has empowered us to embrace Kafka at Everactive and harness the potential of our streaming data.”

Streamlining solutions into one, Aiven’s open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka enables both customers and developers to focus on what really matters – how to drive data outcomes effortlessly.

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About Aiven

Headquartered in Helsinki and with hubs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. Aiven provides managed open source data technologies, such as PostgreSQL®, Apache Kafka® and OpenSearch®, on all major clouds. Through Aiven, developers can do what they do best: create applications. Meanwhile, Aiven does what they do best: manage cloud data infrastructure. Aiven enables customers to drive business results from open source data technologies that trigger true transformations on a global scale. Most recently, Aiven achieved a $3B valuation and has now raised $420M total funding backed by its investors Atomico, Earlybird, Eurazeo, IVP, Lifeline, Salesforce Ventures, and World Innovation Lab.

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