Aiven becomes first cloud service to provide hosted PostgreSQL 12

19 November 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Aiven, a leading cloud technology startup providing a portfolio of managed database and stream processing products, announced today the company will be the first provider to offer PostgreSQL 12 as a service in public clouds. Aiven’s hosted PostgreSQL 12 offers improved indexes that take up less space, allowing organizations to manage additional workloads and increase productivity.

Aiven currently provides PostgreSQL as a managed database hosted on any cloud offering such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Aiven for PostgreSQL 12 offers security and performance updates, including improved query performance on tables with thousands of partitions, improved insertion performance and the ability to run partitions without encountering blocking queries.

Through Aiven’s hosted PostgreSQL 12 offering, organizations now have easier and quicker access to unstructured data - allowing them to build larger databases and accommodate new use cases in markets such as manufacturing and IoT.

“Organizations are always looking to increase their database performance and improve workload productivity and scalability, all of which are possible with PostgreSQL 12,” said Hannu Valtonen, VP of Product. “Aiven has always been proud to be the first to offer open source database solutions and updates to its customers, and we’re excited to see the same success with PostgreSQL’s newest release.”

PostgreSQL has been a leader in open source development for over 20 years, providing easy to use database systems that fit any organization’s needs. One of these updates is the ability and support for JSON path language, which allows users to perform operations and search within JSON language and documents.

This addition makes it simpler for organizations to use PostgreSQL across all of its applications and access unstructured data. Aiven was able to adopt these new updates quickly and securely within its service and cloud offerings, which will allow businesses to use PostgreSQL 12 without software complications and manage more datasets.

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform. With Aiven’s expertise in managing open source databases in the cloud, companies can employ the updated PostgreSQL 12 for new and complex use cases that need the flexibility of PostgreSQL and scalability of the cloud.

“At Aiven, we strive to provide database solutions like PostgreSQL that meet the needs of large and small organizations and are easy to use,” said Valtonen. “We’re thrilled to announce our ability to host the PostgreSQL 12 update, a continuance of Aiven’s excellent service and management options required by today’s organizations.”

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