Mar 2, 2021

Aiven and Humanitec alliance for new developer experience layer

The alliance with the market leading provider of Internal Developer Platforms will simplify daily developer workflows and maintenance.

HELSINKI, Finland — March 2, 2021Aiven, a software company that combines the best open source technologies with cloud infrastructure, today announced its technical alliance with Humanitec, the market-leading provider of Internal Developer Platforms. By pairing Aiven and Humanitec technologies, the application and database layers on each public cloud platform can work in harmony.

Aiven’s service lets developers use various open source managed databases on AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, and UpCloud minimizing vendor lock-in and standardizing the developer experience in the cloud, while Humanitec performs the equivalent for the application layer. Humanitec users build their own Internal Developer Platform (IDP), then plug into existing delivery, orchestration, and management tools like your CI Pipeline, Kubernetes Cluster, or an Aiven database service. Together, Aiven and Humanitec aim to keep overhead within operations teams as low as possible and provide developers a customized, reliable solution based on their unique needs.

“Our alliance with Humanitec is a huge stride forward for the developer cloud experience,” says Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO of Aiven. “Not only do our offerings complement one another, but by teaming up with Humanitec, we can provide enhanced productivity for development and operations teams across the board.”

Developers now have more time to focus on features, rather than the quirks of underlying data and vendor infrastructure. This alliance also breaks down the complexity of multi-cloud use cases, giving customers who desire to future-proof their business a new path to take by standardizing and automating workflows and scripts to reach seamless operations on and transition between providers. Customers will begin to see reduced maintenance overhead, smoother scripting processes, and minimal change to various APIs. By reaching this degree of standardization, developer-self service is also possible, increasing productivity for operations teams.

“Developer experience drives velocity. For enterprise-developers, what tech their code runs on should be an implementation detail the ops team takes care of,” says Kaspar von Grünberg, CEO at Humanitec. “We’ve changed the game on the app-layer already, and I’m excited to extend this momentum to the database-layer through this partnership.”

About Aiven Headquartered in Helsinki with offices in Berlin, Sydney, Toronto and Boston, Aiven is an SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified cloud data platform provider, operating managed open source database, event streaming, cache, search, and graphing solutions for over 500 customers worldwide. For more information, visit or follow Aiven on Twitter: @aiven_io.

About Humanitec Humanitec is the market leader for Internal Developer Platforms. The company helps Ops teams from startups to enterprises build and run their own Internal Developer Platforms for their application development teams. Humanitec's unique approach relieves pressure on Ops and boosts developer productivity. For more information, visit or follow Humanitec on Twitter: @Humanitec_com