Aiven for Apache Kafka & Google Cloud BigQuery

Fast analytics with Aiven for Apache Kafka® and Google BigQuery

Unify data from diverse sources and formats using Aiven for Apache Kafka for real time data streaming. Analyze with BigQuery for swift, accurate insights.

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Aiven for Apache Kafka, BigQuery, real time analytics, analytical workloads, Kafka, Apache Kafka, BigQuery integration

A streaming solution for fast analytics

Develop fast analytics capabilities today

With the combination of Aiven for Apache Kafka and Google Cloud BigQuery, you can easily:

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Hookdeck Case Study

Fast-Growing Startup Hookdeck Powers Cloud Data Infrastructure with Aiven Services

Discover how Hookdeck used Aiven for Apache Kafka® to deliver a highly available data streaming solution to transfer the data from PostgreSQL to BigQuery.

Build event streaming applications with Aiven and Google Cloud

Build event streaming applications with Aiven and Google Cloud

Bring powerful event streaming to Google Cloud through the Aiven for Apache Kafka ecosystem. Build data pipelines for BigQuery, AlloyDB or PostgreSQL and extend them with Aiven for Cassandra or Aiven for OpenSearch.

What does Aiven do?

Aiven’s all-in-one cloud data platform combines all the tools you need to connect to the data services you use, on all major cloud providers.

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