Dec 12, 2023 | 08:30 - 16:30 UTC

The Brewery, London, GB

Aiven Live London


What is Aiven Live?

Aiven Live embodies our vision to inspire, engage and elevate

Aiven Live is our premier event series, designed to navigate the future of open source data platforms and their pivotal role in unlocking unprecedented business value. At Aiven, we champion collective expertise and strategic collaboration, key tenets that drive industry advancement. This series delves into Open Source Innovations in Data Infrastructure, illuminates Deployment Flexibility, underscores the infrastructure's role as the backbone of Generative AI, and offers insights into effective Cost Optimization.

At Aiven, we believe in the power of shared knowledge and collective growth. Aiven Live events are meticulously designed to foster collaboration, ignite innovation, and bring together industry leaders and emerging talents.

Top 3 reasons to attend Aiven Live


Get inspired and motivated

Listen to groundbreaking conversations around data cloud and meet industry experts from GigaOm, Revenir, Dojo, Hookdeck, and more!


Network and build relationships

Mingle with like-minded professionals and industry pioneers, unlocking doors to future collaborations and broadening your professional horizon.


Hot topics on open source data infra

Dive into the hot topics of open source data infrastructure, interact with experts, and elevate your projects by mastering the modern data landscape.

Aiven Live London event montage

Photos from Aiven Live London

Aiven Live coming to New York City

Join us on February 28th for the first-ever Aiven Live event in NYC! Learn best practices from industry experts, meet new peers, and enjoy a day that's all about open source and data technologies.