Support of KSQLDB & Roadmap Visibility

Hi Team,
We are planning to use KLAW project for our kafka workload management in the production environment and with the current version (v2.8 release) I see there are lot of modules which are still not fully developed, asked to use old UI or having issues.

  1. The new React UI (v2.8 release) does not have many klaw features and pages available. To list a few
  • Synchronize feature
  • Adding new cluster/environment/team/user
  • Viewing messages from a topic
  • Klaw settings page

Looking forward to hear from you if there is roadmap and can be shared so that we can plan our go live aligning with yours.

Hi @Hari_Kishan!

Our public roadmap for all of Aiven is available here: At this moment in time, the Klaw team does not have a public roadmap available.

I would recommend Opening an issue on GitHub, as the Klaw team always actively works on community features when needed :slight_smile:

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Absolutely agree with @celestehorgan-aiven.

Thank you for following up with us on GitHub and anyone who would like to follow the current state of the discussion please see.