Setting up Free Postgres Service for Job Assignment

Hi all!

My name is Robert, and I work as an Analytics Engineer at Studyportals in the Netherlands. I learned about Aiven’s free program through a good friend who is accidentally also the Manager Data Engineering at Aiven :grin:.

At Studyportals, we have an AWS implementation and use Redshift as our data warehouse. As such, I wanted to use the free PostgreSQL implementation from Aiven to host some data for the assignment for an Analytics Engineering internship position we have in our team. For this, it would be great to be able to view the queries ran by specific users so we can see what kind of queries the different applicants ran to understand the data.
I thought this would be easy in PostgreSQL (like in Redshift), but after some googling, it seems people change the configuration to allow for this. What would be the easiest way (if possible) to allow for checking the ran queries within the Aiven-hosted version of PostgreSQL? The Logs within the Aiven Console are usefull, but quite messy to check the queries ran from individual users (unless I am overseeing some functionality to filter or download).


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Hey Robert! Allow me to ping the right people to help you out. In the mean time: groetjes uit Nederland! :wink:

Hi Robert - we’re about to add the pgaudit extension to the Aiven platform and make this available to some of our PostgreSQL service plans. However, it’s unlikely this will be provided on the free tier because the extra logging would have too much of a performance impact.

Another way to do this (but again, regrettably not available on free tier) is to use service integrations to stream the PostgreSQL logs into Apache Kafka, allowing them to be filtered using Apache Flink, or ingested into OpenSearch to search them in OpenSearch Dashboards.