Custom domains with Kafka?

I’ve got a use case where I’d like to use a custom domain for my Kafka service for both direct pub/sub as well as the REST API. I can’t find anything specific on custom domains in the docs, but then I came across this: Advanced parameters for Aiven for Apache Kafka® - Aiven

Is that the setting I’m looking for? If so, where can I find it? I looked in “advanced settings” for my Kafka service and that option is not available there.


Hi, Brian! Thanks so much for posting. :smiley: Just letting you know we’re in the process of trying to determine the answer to your question with our internal teams. Please stay tuned!

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Thanks Angie, any luck so far?

Thanks for your patience, Brian! I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row before answering. :slight_smile:

This parameter can work under very specific configurations of Aiven for Apache Kafka®, which is why it does not appear as a general setting in the Aiven Console. Portions of this configuration are not currently generally available, therefore please reach out to support to discuss this matter further and explore implementing the configuration for one of your services, if desired.

Great question, though! I can definitely see the value of having this feature generally available as a self-service option at some later date.

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I guess one solution is to setup a Kafka Proxy “in front of” the Aiven Kafka service, and you can setup the custom domain on that Kafka Proxy. Search on Kafka Proxy or Gateway to find one, maybe free/OSS version available.