Code of Conduct

These guidelines outline the behavior of all the members participating and contributing in the Aiven Community.

This Community forum is primarily used for support, and promoting (the content of) learning events. It is a place for its users to interact, share thoughts and experiences as well as help each other. The Community is open to all Aiven customers along with the wider audience using the Freemium platform.

All Community members, Aiven customers, employees and other participants are expected to follow and respect these guidelines. It is our common responsibility to maintain a safe and friendly environment.

Thank you for helping make this a welcoming and friendly community for all.


The Community is centered on Aiven services, providing a trusted and safe space for its users and other Community members to interact with one another and with a variety of Aiveners. We are committed to providing a harassment-free and safe environment for all the different people interacting in the Community.

Be inclusive and open-minded

Welcome every new-joinee with openness and respect. All Community members need to act accordingly to ensure an environment of trust and respect so that every participant can feel comfortable and included.
We are a diverse Community.

Be respectful

Do not bully or otherwise make comments that can be any way offensive to other people. Be considerate when giving criticism or instructions and guidance to others. Be conscious of the fact that English is not everyone’s first language. Don’t let situations escalate even though you don’t agree with someone’s opinions. Always be respectful towards others.

Be aware

We ask everyone to be aware that in the Community we do not tolerate intimidation, harassment, or any abusive, discriminatory or derogatory behavior by anyone.

Content Standards

Be mindful and respectful when creating and sharing content on the Community channels.

Aiven has content moderators on site but it’s also the Community’s responsibility to act according to our values and behave respectfully. Make sure to always post and comment with respect, even when you don’t agree with someone’s point of view. Stay on topic and give credit to others when due.

Community members are encouraged to be open and share their experiences to help others and the whole Community to grow and gain knowledge.

Actions taken when violations occur

Community moderators have the right to remove inappropriate content from the page and modify content if necessary. Breaches of these guidelines may also result in removing a member from the Community platform.

Please let the moderators know if you detect any behavior that violates these guidelines:


What type of supports we got it from aiven open source

Hey @Satya_N_Chowdary_Gun I’m thinking you need to move this discussion to a separate “topic”. Go to the main page of the forum to create a new topic (there’s a button to do that), and you can use “open source” as the category. Thanks!