About the Analytics category

Discuss and find support for the database services in the analytics space that we host on Aiven.

Aiven for OpenSearch®

OpenSearch is an open source search and analytics suite forked from Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and Kibana 7.10.2. The suite includes the user interface, OpenSearch Dashboards, and OpenSearch Plugins.

Docs: Aiven for OpenSearch® - Aiven

Aiven for ClickHouse®

Aiven for ClickHouse® is a managed cloud data warehouse based on open source ClickHouse – a fast, resource effective, columnar database that enables the generation of real-time analytical data reports using advanced SQL queries.

Docs: Aiven for ClickHouse® - Aiven

Aiven for M3

Fully managed M3DB – the high-performance time series database with unlimited scalability and high availability.

Docs: Aiven for M3 - Aiven

Aiven for InfluxDB®

InfluxDB is a high performance time series database designed for highly variable data. It’s capable of ingesting and querying hundreds of thousands of data points a second.

With Aiven for InfluxDB, if you add Grafana® as a service plan it automatically configures InfluxDB as a data source.

Docs: Aiven for InfluxDB® - Aiven