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Dec 5, 2023

Introducing the Kafka topic catalog for Aiven for Apache Kafka®

New Kafka topics catalog in Aiven for Apache Kafka brings a topic-centric view of your Kafka environment directly to the Aiven console

Cara Baestlein

Cara Baestlein

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Director of Product Management, Experience at Aiven

Aiven for Apache Kafka® is designed with the primary goal of enabling technical teams to run Apache Kafka® workloads at scale without the complexity that usually comes when running Kafka in production. To enable an improved developer experience in the Aiven console, we are introducing a Kafka topic catalog that allows viewing and consuming all the topics a user has access to across services and projects in their organization.

Kafka topics catalog in Aiven for Apache Kafka

While the Aiven Console already provides an overview of all your Aiven for Apache Kafka services, to date there is no unified place to view all topics you have across services. This is particularly important when it comes to comparing the same topic in different environments, such as development and production.

With the newly introduced Kafka topic catalog, Aiven customers can discover all of their data and topics across their different Kafka clusters. For example, when looking for a specific topic, rather than having to go through many different Kafka services (and even separate Aiven projects), users can quickly browse all topics they have access to on the same screen. This gives a straightforward and complete view of the status quo with all the Kafka topics available from a single pane of glass.

Kafka topics catalog - benefits

Customers of Aiven for Apache Kafka can now use the Kafka topics catalog and benefit from:

  • A centralized view of their designated topics across services and environments
  • Easy comparison of the same topic’s configuration across different services and environments
  • Easy comparison of the same topic's users and permissions across different services and environments
Using Apache Kafka's Topic Catalog

Pricing & Availability

Aiven for Apache Kafka is available on all major hyperscalers - AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure - in over 100 regions globally.

Aiven for Apache Kafka plans come with multi-instance clusters across tiers for high availability. Full details can be found on the pricing page.

Aiven for Kafka is priced per hour, with prices starting at $0.397/hour ($290/month). The Kafka topics catalog is now available to all existing and new Aiven for Apache Kafka customers at no additional cost.

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