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Jun 27, 2024

Introducing Aiven for Valkey

Aiven offers managed Valkey, an open source NoSQL database compatible with legacy OSS Redis®* perfect for caching, message queues, and more.

Nick Rycar, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Nick Rycar

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Today ‍Aiven is launching Aiven for Valkey to give customers a fully open source Redis® alternative.

Aiven for Caching will remain available to existing customers, but due to recent Redis® licensing changes, it will remain on Redis 7.2.4. Valkey is a fork of OSS Redis®, version 7.2.5, maintained by the Linux Foundation and is fully backwards compatible with Redis.

Drop-in replacement for Redis®

As a true open source initiative, Valkey empowers developers to explore scalability advancements that go beyond the limitations of legacy OSS Redis®, with plans to add multi-threaded performance optimizations in addition to the introduction of future functionalities.

Aiven for Valkey is fully compatible with Redis® 7.2.4 and has identical functionality, plans, and pricing to Aiven for Caching. We will support a full migration path from external Redis® implementations and Aiven for Caching to Aiven for Valkey with limited downtime in short order, ensuring a smooth transition for our customers.

Aiven's commitment to open source

Aiven stands firmly behind open source, and we're excited to support this open source project. As an early supporter of and committer to Valkey and its plugin ecosystem, Aiven and our customers are able to have a material impact on Valkey’s evolution. This level of commitment aims to ensure we do our part as a contributing member of a vibrant community and provide ongoing innovative products for our customers.

"Aiven is a strong supporter of open source with open governance. We were delighted to hear about the creation of Valkey and we are supporters of this project. We are excited to add Aiven for Valkey to the Aiven Platform so that our customers can continue to benefit from access to the most popular and widely adopted open source data and AI technologies." - Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO, Aiven.

Aiven for Valkey is a managed service that enables customers to get all the features of open source Redis® without any of the infrastructure stress. Whether you need high-performance data caching, robust message queuing capabilities, or a persistent key-value database, Aiven for Valkey has you covered.

Get started with Aiven for Valkey today.

* Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. and the Redis box logo is a mark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by Aiven is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and Aiven.

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