02 September 2022

Aiven Provider for Terraform hits 1M downloads

Aiven has made life easier for Terraform users since 2017. Join us on a brief stroll down memory lane and learn how and why we got here.

18 March 2022|By

Kubernetes vs. Terraform

21 June 2021|By

Observe your PostgreSQL® metrics with Terraform, InfluxDB and Grafana

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03 June 2021

Aiven databases and Terraform for fun and profit

Terraforming is hard and long-term, but using Terraform is the exact opposite. Read to find out how to manage your Aiven databases with this cool tool!

01 October 2020

Aiven Terraform provider joins the Terraform registry with v2

We’re marking our Terraform two year anniversary with v2 of our provider and making it official with a registry listing. Read more about what all of this means.