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30 March 2021

Your first Aiven API call

Aiven's API is totally wizard, with its nifty token authentication and JSON-formatted data, but you don't need magic to use it. Read on for tips on how you can put it to work in the real world.

Lorna MitchellDeveloper Advocate at Aiven
18 March 2021|By Auri Poso

Welcome to your Aiven demo

17 March 2021|By James Arlen

Data and disaster recovery

22 February 2021

The first managed open-source, distributed time series database is here

The new era of time series has arrived with the first managed open-source database of its kind, Aiven for M3. Find out everything you need to know to be a part of it.

Kyle BuzzellHead of Growth Marketing at Aiven
10 February 2021

Broker communication in Kafka 2.7 and beyond

Kafka is moving away from ZooKeeper, slowly but surely. How does this impact broker communication in the latest version of Apache Kafka? How is Aiven preparing for the future? Read on to find out.

Auri PosoTechnical Copywriter at Aiven
26 January 2021

Building a modern data architecture

Corporate data architectures tend to have long shelf-lives, especially if their development began sometime around when the pre-internet Dark Ages were just ending. It's not surprising that these ancient edifices no longer support modern business goals. Read how to modernize your ancient data environment and set your business up for the future.

Auri PosoTechnical Copywriter at Aiven
20 January 2021

How Aiven monitors your system performance

Aiven commits to 99.99% uptime. Every now and then we are asked how we make sure that your system actually stays up accordingly. Find out how we keep an eye on service uptime and how we react to issues.

Auri PosoTechnical Copywriter at Aiven

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