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Feb 28, 2024

Aiven’s Customer ‘Champions’ GLOBO, Avaya, Priceline and Sway AI Awarded for Innovation, Excellence and Impact

Aiven's inaugural Customer Champion awards recognize companies for their remarkable achievements in innovation, excellence and global impact.

Ian Massingham

Ian Massingham

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Companies who put innovation at the heart of their businesses can see the direct impact of their technology investments in streamlined operations, new business models, profitability, enhanced customer experiences, and even social impact. Those who are committed to innovation are indeed staying ahead of the competition, can attract the best and brightest talent, and create excitement about their futures.

Our customers have achieved some pretty amazing things over the last year. So, for our inaugural 2024 Aiven Customer Champion Awards, we are delighted to announce GLOBO, Avaya, Priceline and Sway AI as the winners.

We announced our customer champions at Aiven Live — our global event series where we bring together experts in the open source and data technologies world to discuss industry trends and best practices — so the perfect forum to recognise those businesses truly harnessing technology to innovate.

It is our customers who ultimately decide on the fate of our own business and if we are not helping them drive value from data and making it easier to reach their business or environmental goals through their data infrastructure, then we wouldn’t exist.

But here on stage in New York, we acknowledged and celebrated the outstanding achievements of these businesses for demonstrating innovation, excellence, impact on their customers, and positive impact on the world.

Our four champions were:

  • Tech for Good Champion Award – GLOBO, the translation and interpreting services company.
  • Business Transformation Champion Award — Avaya, a global leader in customer experience solutions.
  • Customer Excellence Champion Award — Priceline, an online travel agency known for providing customers with best-in-class deals
  • Start-up Champion Award — Sway AI, the no-code AI development platform company.

These incredibly smart, ambitious and innovative companies are truly creating amazing experiences for their customers and improving the world around us. We at Aiven have one simple goal and that is to simplify the management of data infrastructures to unleash data-driven innovation, and we are ecstatic that our data platform is helping create such transformation and impact.

So, what did these four businesses, selected from an incredible list of organisations who continue to push frontiers, achieve to become customer champions?

The Tech for Good Champion Award, won by GLOBO, recognizes organizations that are using technology to deliver a positive impact on the world. GLOBO is purposefully driving toward a future of more equitable experiences for everyone. Through its one simple platform, users have the ability to communicate in any language, 24/7. GLOBO is committed to delivering resilience, reliability, and sustainability in their services, around the clock, and it is the Aiven Platform which has been able to provide the foundation for delivering this.

Avaya won the Business Transformation Champion Award for its use of technology to respond to a changing market and delivering significantly improved performance. Avaya has been undergoing a major transformation of its business, that has included helping move its global customer base from largely on-premises to the cloud. Avaya’s market share depended on making a number of its critical services, including its flagship call-center solution, available in the cloud to drive significant cost savings, efficiencies and improve competitiveness, which it has achieved. With Aiven, Avaya has been able to focus more of its resources on developing its business instead of managing open source technologies in the cloud, which the Aiven data platform and expertise has provided.

The Customer Excellence Champion Award bestowed upon Priceline underscores its adept utilization of technology in delivering unparalleled customer experiences. Leveraging advanced data science techniques, Priceline has innovatively devised means to provide discounted offerings encompassing airline seats, accommodations and rental cars, all seamlessly bundled within a singular transaction. Through the integration of the Aiven Platform, Priceline has effectively transitioned the complexities of on-premises infrastructure, thereby streamlining operations and optimizing resource allocation. This strategic collaboration has endowed Priceline with rapid analytics capabilities, facilitating insights extraction from its data in under two minutes. This enables Priceline to maintain its focus on delivering the best travel deals to their customers and helping them in experiencing the moments that matter. Today, the Aiven Platform, hosted on the Google Cloud infrastructure, serves as a cornerstone of Priceline's real-time data processing.

And the incredibly smart Sway AI took the Start-up Champion Award. This award recognizes the achievements of amazing people who have had a great idea, spotted an opportunity, and launched a new product or service with the help of the Aiven Cluster start-up program. Through Sway AI’s no-code AI development platform, the company is making AI’s potential accessible to all. It is empowering businesses to create powerful Al and ML applications without the need for specialized data science skills or writing a line of code. By combining Aiven’s data platform with Sway Al’s modelling and insight capabilities, it can offer an end-to-end answer for their customers’ data platform needs.

A huge congratulations to our customers.

To learn more about how the Aiven data platform, available on five hyperscaler clouds, is helping customers of all sizes and across the world, please visit our customer page.

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