Aiven now supports GCP Zurich

GCP Zurich rounds our region count out at 80. Check this post out to get a quick rundown of our newest region.

14 March 2019
Kyle Buzzell
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Head of Growth Marketing at Aiven

Many of our potential and current customers have been waiting for it and we’re happy to announce that the wait is over: GCP Zurich (europe-west6) is now available on the Aiven platform, one day after its official release.

GCP Zurich marks Google’s 6th EU region

Right on the heels of GCP Finland, Zurich is Google Cloud Platform’s 6th EU region. Because it’s in the heart Europe, the region will decrease app and data latency for businesses located in and around Switzerland.

The region was launched with Google’s standard set of products and customers can use Google’s Cloud Interconnect to access services that aren’t currently available in Zurich. All in all, this region is a welcome addition to Aiven.

Zurich is also Aiven’s 80th cloud region

As a rule, we always do our best to make new regions immediately available upon their release because we want to provide our customers the greatest flexibility possible when it comes to deploying their workloads.

Rounding out our region count to 80, our immediate support of GCP Zurich reflects that rule. The region comes with all available Aiven services and we will soon be providing MySQL support to all regions as well.

So, if you’ve been waiting to take your Aiven managed services for a spin in GCP Zurich, you can make it happen now! Don’t have an Aiven account? Try our complete platform with our no commitment, 30 day trial today!