Adeo takes development speed to new level with Aiven [Case Study]

Find out how and why the third largest global player in the home improvement market use Aiven.

03 February 2020
John Hammink
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Developer Advocate at Aiven

With 114,000 employees across 32 companies in 15 countries, ADEO is the third largest global player in the home improvement market with over 450 million customers from more than 700 stores around the world.

Founded in 1986, the ADEO group has evolved from a loosely-federated collection of independent stores to a conglomerate powered by a single data platform requiring the sort of tight integration that enables comprehensive insights.

Although the databases and middleware team still supports thousands of on-premise database instances, they now use Aiven's hosted services (including Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch/OpenSearch, MySQL and Redis) to provide database and messaging services to internal users across the company. Their head, Julien Charlot, explains:

I don't want to manage infrastructure anymore, so the role of our team nowadays is to make it easier to go to the cloud. It’s more that we want our tech guys to get rid of infrastructure tasks and be able to focus on dev and added value actions.

But that isn’t the only reason ADEO group enjoys Aiven's hosted services. Download the case study below to find out why else and how they transformed their data capabilities at scale using the Aiven platform.

[Read the case study]

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