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Data infrastructure made simple

Aiven offers a fully managed, open source cloud data platform that works for you.

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Free €300 credits. All features included. No credit card required.

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What does Aiven do?

Aiven makes setting up cloud databases so simple anyone can do it. Our set-it-and-forget-it solutions take the pain out of cloud data infrastructure. What you do next is up to you.


Everything in one place

All the cloud providers and tools you need in one place.


Fully managed

Create fully-featured, fully managed data infrastructure in under 10 minutes.


Stay in control

Stay in control of your data using powerful open-source services.

Everything you need to get things done

Aiven’s all-in-one cloud data platform combines all the tools you need to connect to the data services you use, on all major cloud providers.

Deploy a service on the Aiven platform in 10 minutes

Deploy a service on the Aiven platform in 10 minutes

  1. Sign up - no credit card info needed
  2. Select your open source service, and the cloud and region to deploy to
  3. Choose your plan - you have $300 in free credits
  4. Click "Create service" and go on to configure your data source

More power to build better


Multi cloud

Comprehensive selection of major cloud providers and regions – ready for multi cloud deployments


Integrations and connectors

Easily monitor and manage your cloud data infrastructure with the tools of your choice. Visit our integrations and connectors page


99.99% Uptime

High availability included as part of the open source feature set – perfect for EDA applications


Unlimited scalability

Increase your servers, storage, or migrate to a different provider at the push of a button, with zero downtime

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World class support

Customers love our expert 24/7 support, available 365 days a year. We’re there for you when you need us


Security built-in

End-to-end encryption, dedicated VMs, and full compliance certifications

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How a cloud data platform can drive transformation in your business

In this ebook, you will explore how successful companies from a range of industries use a managed data platform to solve their business and technical challenges, as well as innovate and beat the competition.


Apache Kafka® for tech leaders

In this ebook, we offer an overview of Apache Kafka: what it is, and how tech organizations can use it to enable real-time data and actionable information ‘in flight’.


IDC White Paper – discover how Aiven saves you time and money

IDC's study reveals the business value of Aiven solutions – and how they drive real results.

Download the white paper and find out how Aiven solutions can reduce your operating costs.

See why our customers love us

We are proud to help customers from all industries, small and large, to accomplish their goals.


"Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support and performance."

Adam Hertz

VP of Engineering at Comcast

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"We were able to deliver databases in the cloud and set the entire transformation process within 2-3 months."

Julien Charlot

Head of Databases at Adeo

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"We’re really, really happy with the approach that we took, and that we chose Aiven as the provider."

Nicolas Chiu

Lead Software Developer at JobCloud

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Aiven Cluster – scale up your startup

Aiven’s startup program helps fast growing startups develop their business and turn visions into reality. The program offers selected startups benefits such as up to $100,000 credit, access to Aiven technical expertise, mentoring and promotion.

Get your first cluster online now

Aiven makes setting up cloud databases so simple anyone can do it. Our set-it-and-forget-it solutions take the pain out of cloud data infrastructure.