Insights Unlocked: Ingest, Search, and Analyze with Aiven for OpenSearch

Ever considered bringing OpenSearch’s powerful capabilities to your GCP data infrastructure, but not sure where to start? Tune in to our webinar to hear top tips from Aiven’s technical experts and OpenSearch gurus. Expect to learn:

  • What is OpenSearch and what makes it a superior search solution?
  • 3 reasons to integrate open source search capabilities to your data infrastructure
  • 3 real life examples of how peers successfully integrated Aiven for OpenSearch in their GCP data infra
  • How Aiven for OpenSearch makes it easy to manage your search capabilities
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Kevin Bowman
Kevin Bowman

Staff Partner Solution Architect

Kevin is a Partner Solutions Architect at Aiven, helping Aiven's partners and their customers to use open-source databases on a managed platform. His background is in software and operations, leading to platform engineering, which really made him appreciate the value of great automation and cloud platforms to look after the messy things which sit behind an application.

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