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We were using MySQL right from the start, and I knew we were going to face performance issues. We were experiencing fast growth so I needed to pre-empt any problems. We looked around and saw that EverSQL by Aiven was a great solution for us

Liran Zelkha

Co-Founder and CTO, Lilly


At Helthjem we have a variety of use cases, reflected in a heterogeneous set of queries running in the database. When we face slow performance, we leverage the Aiven AI database optimizer to verify which indexes to apply and how to rewrite our SQL. Some of the problematic queries that originally took more than an hour are now executed in a few minutes, providing a 10x performance boost.

Dave Li

Senior Software Engineer


EverSQL by Aiven has been an excellent tool for us. Previously, we were having numerous outages on our production website due to databases issues. By implementing EverSQL and their indexing optimisations we have not seen any outages in the last 6 months

Phil Brady

DevOps Engineer, BrandAlley

Use cases

How does it all work together

Resolve database performance issues 100x faster

Automate database performance insights

Resolve database performance issues 100x faster

Solve PostgreSQL® and MySQL performance issues in minutes instead of hours by receiving AI-driven performance insights and optimisation suggestions.

  • Detect performance issues by browsing a holistic view of the query patterns hitting your database
  • Receive AI-driven optimisation suggestions to improve performance
  • Free up your DBA resources to spend more time on high-value tasks

Example: How Aiven helps Lili to expand and keep impressing customers


Check the AI insights tab in the Aiven Console for optimization opportunities for your Aiven for PostgreSQL service.

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Write performant code faster

Write performant code 100x faster by providing developers with index and SQL rewrite recommendations with EverSQL by Aiven.

  • Address performance issues directly in the development phase
  • Speed up scalable code creation by receiving AI-driven, automatic performance feedback
  • Enhance developers’ database performance literacy with the detailed improvement explanations

Example: How to speed up MySQL and PostgreSQL queries for FREE

Try it yourself

Aiven AI Database Optimizer, your personal AI-powered DBA

A holistic view of your database workloads, with AI-driven improvement suggestions, directly available in the Aiven Console.


Benefits of Aiven AI database optimizer

A slow database means unresponsive applications, poor customer experience and ultimately churn.

With Aiven AI database optimizer you can solve PostgreSQL and MySQL performance issues in minutes rather than days and enable your developers to build scalable applications faster.

Shorten the time to performance fixes illustration

Shorten the time to performance fixes

Stop wasting time looking at monitoring dashboards. Receive automated insights about performance degradation with actionable improvement suggestions.

Speed up database performance illustration

Speed up database performance

Receive AI-driven index and SQL rewrite suggestions to increase the database performance for your applications.

Enhanced know-how for technical teams illustration

Enhanced know-how for technical teams

Complement the internal team knowledge with database performance insights, suggestions and learning opportunities. Available 24/7.

Develop scalable applications faster and optimize your cloud investment illustration

Develop scalable applications faster and optimize your cloud investment

Create fast feedback loops for database performance improvement directly in developers' workflows. Improve your agility and scalability by optimizing your database workloads to maximize the resource usage and keep cloud cost under control.

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