What version of OpenSearch does Aiven support?

We want to deploy OpenSearch on Azure. I am not able to see which version of OpenSearch will be deployed. The screenshot simply says Version 2 but does not clarify if it is 2.0 or 2.1 or latest 2.7?

How do version upgrades work, if we were to use Aiven for this hosted solution?

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Hello @semantic_word!

At this point in time all Aiven for OpenSearch instances are on OpenSearch 2.4.1. OpenSearch 2.7 should be ready later this month.

As a general rule Aiven manages all minor version upgrades in the background for you, and releases new minor version when we feel confident we can provide a secure experience for our customers :smiling_face:.

Is there specific functionality in 2.7 that you’re looking for?


@z0r1k that page for sure is not helping too much :sweat_smile:

You can have a look at the Aiven for OpenSearch’s Changelog Product updates | Aiven

Hope it helps.