Milan Open Source Data Infrastructure Meetup - April 2023

Join us on 12th April at Talent Garden Calabiana for an evening full of interesting talks around modern apps, serverless and analytics at scale.
The evening will feature a series of talks followed by food and socialising later in the evening.

6PM - Open doors & drinks

6.30PM - Google Cloud AlloyDB: PostgreSQL meets Google’s Infrastructure by Francesco Cogno, Customer Engineer Database Management at Google

Google Cloud is committed embrace open source solutions to avoid locking customers in any technology. In this session we will introduce AlloyDB and AlloyDB Omni, a fully PostgresSQL-compatible relational database enhanced by Google technology.
We’ll understand how AlloyDB works and then drill into the optimisations than allow an x4 throughput compared to vanilla PostgreSQL without sacrificing compatibility or security. Then we’ll expand to the the novel columnar engine, understanding the basics and showcasing how it can speedup x100 analytical queries, without needing to rewrite them.
Finally, we’ll take AlloyDB out of the cloud, demonstrating that you can run AlloyDB on your laptops within containers, giving you the freedom of using AlloyDB where you want.

Francesco’s BIO
Francesco is a Googler, formerly MSFT, who lives in Milan. His current work revolves around databases in any form, from jq to Google Spanner. He loves Rust, C#, Golang and Typescript and dislikes Javascript and PL/SQL. His life goal is to prove the CAP theorem wrong or die (eventually) trying.

7.00PM - Supercharge your analytical needs with ClickHouse by Salvatore Mesoraca, Senior Software Engineer at Aiven

In this ever-growing data world, one thing is constant: the impatience of people. Users are not willing to wait seconds to retrieve their data, no matter the scale of the dataset. The traditional approach of exposing OLTP databases for query consumption has its limits: slows down the ingestion and doesn’t provide excellent analytical performances.
In this session we’ll explore ClickHouse, a new analytical database in the block, capable of providing excellent query performance over huge amounts of data by a seamless horizontal scaling capability. We’ll start by defining ClickHouse use-cases, then understand how it connects to traditional and new data sources, and finally dig into how it works internally to be able to use it at its full potential.
If you are interested in providing fast query capabilities to a wide range of users over big amounts of data, this session is for you!

Salvatore’s BIO
Salvatore works as a Senior Software Engineer in Aiven’s Open Source Program Office. Today his job revolves mostly around ClickHouse. He has a background in embedded linux development and security and an old passion for open source software and hardware.

7.30-9PM - Food & Socialising