Amsterdam Open Source Data Infrastructure Meetup - May 2023

Are you interested in learning more about open-source data technologies? Do you want to network with like-minded people? Join our May meetup, in collab with the ClickHouse Netherlands User Group, and hosted by the wonderful people from Adyen.

Note: please register at the desk when you arrive at the Adyen offices.

6.00PM - Open Doors
6.15PM - Welcome & opening words from Adyen
6.30 PM - ClickHouse: what is behind the fastest columnar database. Or how to make it click! | Olena Kutsenko, Senior Developer Advocate at Aiven

About the speaker: Olena is a software engineer and a developer advocate currently working at Aiven. She is passionate about open source, data, sustainable software development and team work. Her knowledge is shaped by expertise she acquired working in such companies as Nokia, HERE Technologies and AWS and now Aiven; and from the countries she was lucky to live in - Ukraine, Sweden, Spain and Germany. She is also one of Apache Kafka Catalysts.

An open source columnar database ClickHouse is in many ways exceptional - it is exceptionally fast, exceptionally efficient, but also, at times exceptionally confusing.

Its approach to handling data goes against many principles and concepts that we use in other databases. To give some examples: its primary index doesn’t index each row and doesn’t guarantee uniqueness; a secondary index is used to skip data and doesn’t point to specific rows; JOINS is a complex topic and transactions are supported partially, not to mention that its SQL dialect holds a couple of surprises up its sleeve.

But, all that said, if used correctly, ClickHouse is a superb solution for online analytical processing (OLAP).

The goal of this talk is to help you get the most of ClickHouse and avoid the pitfalls. We’ll talk about OLAP and columnar databases. We’ll touch topics of indexing, searching and disk storage. We’ll look at the reasons behind the most puzzling concepts of ClickHouse, so that by the end of the talk you find them not only logical, but maybe even fascinating.

If your challenge is analysing terabytes of data - this talk is for you. If you’re a data scientist looking for tools to work with big data - this talk is for you. And, of course, if you are just curious about what makes ClickHouse crazy fast - this talk is for you as well.

7.00PM - Build for fast - Alexey Milovidov, ClickHouse CTO

About the speaker: Alexey Milovidov is the original creator, co-founder and CTO of ClickHouse. He started work on ClickHouse in 2009 and initiated its release to open-source in 2016. Based in Amsterdam, he leads the strategy & direction of the ClickHouse open source project at ClickHouse, Inc.

ClickHouse is known for being fast. Fast at ingesting data. Fast at querying data. But how do we achieve this? Is a slower release a major regression? Or just something to be concerned about? How does the ClickHouse engineering team think about performance?
In this talk, Alexey will share a bit of the ‘internals’ of ClickHouse. How we engineer for performance, why we ask for external benchmarks, performance testing in CI pipeline, etc.
To build a fast database, you need a vision, a team, and process. We will discuss all 3 of these.

7.30PM - Closing | Floor
7.30-9 PM - Food & Socializing