Aiven for Opensearch and snapshot indexes

Before trying this out, does aiven opensearch support index snapshotting? I’m interested in doing searchable snapshots using azure file storage.

Hi @Karri_Niemela!

Yes, Aiven for OpenSearch supports index snapshotting. We provide full access to the normal OpenSearch dashboard, so anything you can usually do there you can do on Aiven for OpenSearch :slight_smile:

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Hi @celestehorgan-aiven and thanks for the feedback.
So I guess 2.7 release is coming later this month to aiven? I’m looking for searchable snapshots feature which is now “production” in opensearch (or can you use experimental features?)

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Hello, Karri. Good to hear from you. We are very close to releasing 2.7.

Searchable snapshots will be usable; however, it will still live on the local volumes to the host. If you are looking to utilize this to offload storage to a cheaper object store (tiered storage) that will be coming to Aiven later this year after being added to the open source OpenSearch project in the summer.

Most customers tell us they are looking to use searchable snapshots for the tiered storage use case. The challenge is that they require the ability to delete data for GDPR purposes, and the current searchable snapshot feature in 2.7 doesn’t allow writes to the snapshots. Please let me know if you have questions.


Opensearch 2.7 is out now. Feel free to follow changelog for more updates :slight_smile:

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