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11 November 2020

Aiven for Kafka supports Alef Education’s digital learning platform to reach over 120,000 students [Case Study]

Read how Aiven for Kafka enabled Alef Education to scale their blended learning platform from 10 schools to over 400, and improved the reliability of the platform at the same time.

Auri PosoTechnical Copywriter at Aiven
07 October 2020|By Helena Meißner

Ometria delivers customer insights faster and more reliably with Aiven [Case Study]

17 August 2020|By Michael Halyk

Spare builds city transportation systems with Aiven's help [Case Study]

21 February 2020

NetSpyGlass simplifies and scales network monitoring with Aiven for Postgres and Kafka [Case Study]

Find out Aiven reduces NetSpyGlass's operational burden, allowing them to shorten their innovation cycle and improve service design.

John HamminkDeveloper Advocate at Aiven
03 February 2020

Adeo takes development speed to new level with Aiven [Case Study]

Find out how and why the third largest global player in the home improvement market use Aiven.

John HamminkDeveloper Advocate at Aiven
25 April 2019

A data architecture for over 1 million OVO smart meters [Case Study]

Over 1 million smart meters require a robust and reliable data architecture; find out why OVO chose to build it on Aiven.

Kyle BuzzellHead of Growth Marketing at Aiven
02 April 2019

Paf chooses Aiven Kafka to reduce complexity [Case Study]

Find out why Paf trusts Aiven Kafka to help make sure that their data architecture is open and easily interfaceable.

John HamminkDeveloper Advocate at Aiven
29 October 2018

Comcast Xfinity Home and Aiven Kafka [Case Study]

Find out why Comcast Xfinity Home decided to go with Aiven Kafka to handle its most critical workflows.

Kyle BuzzellHead of Growth Marketing at Aiven

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