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Project member roles and permissions

When you add users to a project individually or as part of a group you also assign them a role for that project.

RoleView servicesCreate servicesManage servicesConnectPower services on/offEdit members and roles
Read Only
  • Admin: Full access to the project and its services.

    • Every project has at least one admin user. This role is automatically granted to users who create a project.
    • Does not have access to organization settings such as billing unless they are also a super admin.
    • Can add and remove project members.
  • Operator: Full access to all services in the project.

    • Can create new services.
    • Cannot make changes to the project members.
  • Developer: Allowed to manage services in this project.

    • Can make changes to services and databases, for example: creating databases, connecting to databases, removing Aiven for OpenSearch® indexes, creating and modifying Aiven for Apache Kafka® topics, and creating and modifying Aiven for PostgreSQL® connection pools.
    • Can create and change service database users.
    • Cannot make changes to the project members.
    • Cannot make changes that affect billing, such as powering services on or off.
  • Read-only: Only allowed to view services.

    • Cannot make any changes to the project or its services.