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Create service integrations

Create service integrations between different Aiven services and move telemetry data using these integrations.


For help with setting up a service integration or to request an integration type or endpoint not yet available, contact the support team


Ensure you have these services:

  • A service that produces the telemetry data. We're using an Aiven for Apache Kafka® service in our example, but this can be any Aiven service.
  • An Aiven for PostgreSQL® Database where the telemetry data is stored and can be queried from.
  • An Aiven for Grafana® - Dashboards for the telemetry data.

Create an integration

  1. In the Aiven Console, create new services including Aiven for Apache Kafka®, Aiven for PostgreSQL®, and Aiven for Grafana®. Choose your preferred cloud provider, region, and a plan from startup, business, or premium.

  2. Once all three services are running in the Aiven Console, select the Aiven for PostgreSQL service from the Services page. Ensure you are on the Overview page of your service.

    1. Select to Integrations from the sidebar.
    2. Under Aiven services, click Grafana Metrics Dashboard.
    3. In the Datasource integration window, select the Existing service and choose the Aiven for Grafana service you created.
    4. Click Enable.
  3. To enable metrics from the Aiven for Apache Kafka service, go to the Overview page of your Aiven for PostgreSQL service.

    1. Select Service integrations from the sidebar.
    2. Under Aiven services, select Receive Metrics.
    3. In the Metrics integration window, ensure the Existing service is selected and choose the Aiven for Apache Kafka service.
    4. Click Enable.

    This step allows advanced Aiven for Apache Kafka telemetry data to flow into the Aiven for PostgreSQL service.

  4. To view the Aiven for Apache Kafka metrics data in Grafana:

    1. In the Aiven Console, select your Aiven for Grafana service from the Services page.
    2. In the Connection information section on the service Overview page, copy the Service URI from the Connection information to access the Grafana service in your browser.
    3. Log in using the credentials provided in the Connection information section (the avnadmin user and the password).

If you don't see a dashboard after logging in, search for Aiven Kafka - <YOUR_KAFKA_SERVICE_NAME> - Resources from the top-left corner in the Grafana console. This is a predefined dashboard automatically maintained by Aiven.


Data may take a minute to appear on the dashboard if you've just enabled the integrations. Refresh the view by reloading the page from the top-right corner. You can create custom dashboards either from scratch in Grafana or by saving a copy of the predefined dashboard under a different name that does not start with Aiven.


Any modifications to the predefined dashboard will be automatically overwritten by the system in time.