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Aiven for Valkey

Aiven for Valkey is a managed, in-memory NoSQL database service that offers high performance, scalability, and security.

Developed under the Linux Foundation, Valkey is an open-source fork of Redis® designed to provide a seamless and reliable alternative to Redis OSS. Aiven for Valkey ensures full compatibility with Redis OSS 7.2.4 and Aiven for Caching, making it easy for users to transition their existing applications without disruption.


Aiven for Valkey is the new open-source fork of Redis®, and Aiven for Caching is Redis® with a new name. Valkey version 7.2.5 remains fully compatible with Aiven for Caching, and you can continue to refer to the Aiven for Caching documentation for detailed instructions and more information.

Key features

  • Open source: Valkey is licensed under the permissive BSD-3 license, ensuring open-source availability.
  • Redis compatible: Fully compatible with Redis OSS 7.2.4 and Aiven for Caching, providing a seamless transition for users.
  • High performance: As an in-memory NoSQL database, Valkey offers fast data retrieval with low latency, ideal for applications requiring real-time data processing.
  • Managed service: Aiven handles maintenance, updates, and monitoring, freeing you from database management complexities.
  • Migration: Supports data migration from external Redis® implementations and Valkey databases to Aiven for Valkey with minimal downtime.