Klaw environment status after creation is "not known"

Hello Klaw team!

I installed Klaw and added a Kafka cluster, then tried to create an environment for that cluster per the UI’s instructions. Upon creating the environment, the environment’s status always shows as Not known. Help? I couldn’t find anything in the docs about this.

Kafka config settings in Klaw:

Cluster name: KLAW-TEST-KAFKA
Bootstrap server: klaw-test-my-account.aivencloud.com:portNumber
Protocol: SSL
Project name: my-aiven-project
Service name: klaw-test-my-account
RestApi servers: copied from the Aiven console under Kafka > Cluster Information > Apache Kafka REST

Env config settings in Klaw:
Envrionment name: DEV
Select Cluster: KLAW-TEST-KAFKA
Bootstrap server: prepopulated from above
Protocol: prepopulated from above
Default partitions: 2
Maximum partitions: 2
Default replication factor: 1
Max replication factor: 1

Hey Celeste,

Thanks for asking, and unfortunate our docs didn’t help much.

After creating a Aiven kafka cluster Klaw UI, for NON-PLAINTEXT protocols, it is required to configure cluster-api configuration like described here Connect with Aiven for Apache Kafka® Cluster using SSL protocol | Klaw

Copy the id from UI and create a set of properties like defined in step 10 there.

This particular configuration makes sure the Secure connection is established between Klaw and Kafka cluster.

Hope it is clear.


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