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At Aiven, open source is at the core of everything we do – from our culture of open-mindedness, to our commitment to ensure the future of open source software.

We make sure that critical code and software is actively and sustainably maintained. This applies to both the actual OSS projects that Aiven directly uses and contributes to and to the entire OSS ecosystem.

Aiven owns and maintains multiple open source projects. We welcome contributions to all our projects. You can find all projects on GitHub.

Find out more about our open source commitment: aiven.io/open-source
… and about our Open Source Program Office (OSPO): aiven.io/open-source-program-office

Karapace is the companion to Apache Kafka®, offering some excellent add-ons to give Apache Kafka even more powerful features. Included in the box: a Kafka Rest Proxy (both client and server side), and schema storage and registry functionality.

Karapace’ maintainers would love to hear from you - here or on GitHub!

Klaw, the latest OS tool by Aiven, helps enterprises cope with Apache Kafka® topics, schema registry and connectors governance by introducing roles / authorizations to users of various teams of an organization.

The Klaw team would love to hear from you, here or on GitHub:

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