Dec 16, 2022

Trademark Policy

This policy covers all of Aiven Oy’s marks, whether they are registered or not.

If you are working with Aiven on a specific project, please contact us to discuss the specifics of how these rules apply to your project. Otherwise, the below rules apply.


The guidelines contained in this policy are for use of the “Aiven” name and logos (the “Aiven Trademarks”).

This policy is for third-parties desiring to use Aiven Trademarks in any promotional, marketing, or reference materials, naming compatible products or services, making statements about compatibility with Aiven software, or providing professional services for Aiven software.

The Aiven Trademarks are valuable assets of Aiven. By complying with this policy, you help Aiven protect and strengthen our rights, which we thoroughly appreciate. Thank you.

By using any Aiven Trademark, you acknowledge that Aiven is the sole owner of that mark and you agree not to interfere with Aiven’s rights in the mark. You also agree that any goodwill derived from using Aiven Trademarks inures to the benefit of Aiven.

As a trademark owner, Aiven has an obligation to protect our marks. Ensuring proper use is a crucial part of maintaining the strong association with quality, efficiency and reliability for which Aiven services are known and relied upon by the Open Source community.


You may use the Aiven Trademarks when referring to the Aiven software, so long as your use is in compliance with this policy.

Your use of the Aiven Trademarks cannot be confusing, false, misleading to Aiven or to the Aiven Trademarks. As it is important for the public to understand who they are engaging with, you cannot use the Aiven Trademarks in a manner that implies endorsement by or association with Aiven.

You cannot use the Aiven Trademarks in ways that may diminish or harm the goodwill in the Aiven Trademarks. The “Aiven” word mark cannot be combined with any other word(s) (for example “Aiven-ing”). Your use of the Aiven Trademarks transfers no rights in the marks or goodwill to you.

You cannot use or register the Aiven Trademarks, or variations of them, as part of your own trademark, service mark, domain name, or trade name.

You cannot use obvious variations of the Aiven Trademarks or a phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation for similar or compatible products or services.

Certain uses may require concluding a separate trademark license agreement with Aiven. Before using any Aiven Trademarks, please review Aiven’s Visual Guidelines along with this policy.

Acceptable Uses

  1. Naming Compatible Products - If you desire to describe your service or product with reference to Aiven software, below are the conditions under which you may do so. You may call your “software ABC for Aiven” (where ABC is your service name) only if your service is fully compatible with the then-current APIs for the Aiven software and you use the following legend in service descriptions or marketing materials: “Aiven is a trademark of Aiven Oy
  2. Statements About Compatibility - You may use the Aiven word mark, but not Aiven logos, to accurately describe the relationship between Aiven and your software. Any other use could imply that Aiven has certified or approved your software.
  3. Professional Services - If you provide consulting, training or support for Aiven software, your use must make it clear that your services are not provided by Aiven. For example, you can offer “Support for Aiven software” but not “Aiven Support”.

Provided your use complies with this policy and our Visual Guidelines, you may use the Aiven logos to link to the Aiven website, to indicate that your software or service uses the Aiven software, and in presentations, social media posts (but not as your avatar), whitepapers, blog posts, and similar content as a reference to the Aiven software.

It should be clear what role the Aiven software plays in the context of your software or services. The Aiven logos should not be more prominent than your own branding.


If you have questions about this policy or feedback, please contact us at To ensure proper consideration, Aiven asks that you please allow ample time for Aiven to respond to your request.


Aiven reserves the right to amend this policy, including the permissions within it, from time-to-time without notice. Nothing in this policy will be deemed or interpreted to grant any license, or to allow any third party to claim any endorsement by or association with Aiven, or to indicate or imply support or approval by Aiven for any third party products or services, whether or not derived from Aiven services.

Uses that predate the initial version of this policy (i.e. uses prior to December 16, 2022) do not require permission from us as long as the use is in compliance with this Policy.

If you may have used the Aiven Trademarks in the past in ways that would violate this policy, we urge you to contact Aiven promptly. Past use in violation of this policy does not confer a right to continue that non-conforming use.

If we contact you about your use of the Aiven Trademarks, Aiven asks that you take prompt corrective action. If you become aware of another company misusing the Aiven Trademarks or using the Aiven Trademarks in a way that is confusingly similar, violates this policy or Aiven’s Visual Guidelines, or is otherwise inappropriate, please inform us at