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Meet with Aiven at Kafka Summit London, booth 108

Mar 19, 2024 - Mar 20, 2024

08:15 - 16:30 UTC

London, GB

Meet Our Solution Experts at Kafka Summit London for personalized insights, addressing your specific data infrastructure challenges and solutions to your business's needs.

  • Versatile Platform: 11 services, one platform, across all major clouds.
  • Custom Fit: Solutions designed for scalability, reliability, and simplicity.
  • Freedom & Savings: BYOC for cost-effective, compliant management.
  • Open Source Commitment: Fully open-source services for future-proofing your data.
  • Support Girls Who Code: £3 donation for every booth visit. Book your meeting to transform your data and support a great cause.

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Fully managed Apache Kafka® in the cloud of your choice


DevOps friendly

Gain programmatic access to your Apache Kafka clusters with our powerful REST APIs, CLI access for CI/CD and our Terraform provider to integrate with your existing business processes.


100% open source compatibility

Guaranteed compatibility with open- source Apache Kafka ensures you remain flexible in the long run with a Kafka infrastructure that can be easily migrated between clouds with automatic data replication.


Secure and compliant

Aiven services run on dedicated virtual machines with end-to-end encryption and our platform is ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.

Sessions hosted by Aiven

Hear for our industry experts on various Kafka topics

  • Tue Mar 19, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM GMT

    Breakout Room 5

    🎶🎵Bo-stream-ian Rhapsody: A Musical Demo of Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams

    Chris will explain how to develop source and sink connectors for Kafka, as well as a rudimentary Kafka Streams job, by reading and processing audio in real time.

    Chris Egerton
    Chris Egerton

    Staff Open Source Developer

  • Wed Mar 20, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM GMT

    Breakout Room 3

    Attacking (and Defending) Apache Kafka

    Apache Kafka represents companies' data backbone which makes it the perfect target for an attack. Learn how Kafka could be misused if not secured enough and what measures and processes to put in place to avoid attacks and monitor that our data solution is safe!

    Francesco Tisiot
    Francesco Tisiot

    Field CTO & AI Lead, Aiven

  • Wed Mar 20, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM GMT

    Breakout Room 4

    Mastering Kafka Consumer Distribution: A Guide to Efficient Scaling and Resource Optimization

    Consumer scaling is a crucial element for many Apache Kafka users. However, Kafka consumers are slightly different to a normal server application scaling because of its re-balancing protocols. Learn how to avoiding annoying and often unnecessary re-balancing, improve latency and decrease changes of data loss during consumer scaling and save money as a result.

    Olena Babenko portrait
    Olena Babenko

    Staff Engineer, Aiven

    Olena Kutsenko portrait
    Olena Kutsenko

    Senior Developer Advocate, Aiven

Kafka dinner with google - meta data.png

Join us for a unique Kafka cocktail & dinner night with Google Cloud and Dojo

We have been cooking up something a little different with our pals over at Google Cloud. Picture this: a relaxed evening where we talk technology (Kafka, to be precise), enjoy some delicious dinner, and sip on fancy cocktails. And, we have got someone from Dojo joining us to share some cool stories and insights. It is shaping up to be one of those nights you will not want to miss.


What is Apache Kafka like with Aiven?

Aiven’s fully managed service for Apache Kafka comes with an open source streaming ecosystemof tools and technologies around Kafka itself with:

  • fully managed Apache Kafka Connect® and 30+ open source connectors, to seamlessly integrate existing data sources and sinks
  • fully managed Apache Kafka MirrorMaker® 2, for cluster to cluster data replication, disaster recovery and geographic proximity across multiple regions and cloud providers
  • fully managed Aiven for Apache Flink® for stateful stream processing over data streams
  • Karapace: a fully open source Kafka Schema Registry supporting AVRO, Protobuf and JSON formats
  • Klaw for data governance for exercising Apache Kafka topic and schema governance in a self-service manner

Customers using Aiven for Apache Kafka

Priceline logo

Priceline harnesses the power of Aiven for Apache Kafka on Google Cloud to optimize its infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings and the establishment of robust data pipelines.

Sachin Menon

Senior Director of Data, Priceline

  • Travel and Recreation

  • Apache Kafka®

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Avaya Chris Hill Social Banner.png
Avaya logo

The Avaya's Customer Experience leader gains 40% reduction in compute, 15% better cost management and more efficiencies enabled by Aiven’s open source data platform

Rich Driscoll

Senior Vice President, IT Enterprise and Cloud Operations, Avaya

  • Software and Internet

  • Apache Kafka®

  • OpenSearch®

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idealo Andreas Social Card 1.png
idealo logo

With Aiven, our Kafka clusters are much more reliable than they were before. That means our teams can focus on the core business and not care about maintenance. It's also very easy to start up a new cluster now. That makes it a lot more attractive and accessible to other teams.

Wanis Fahmy

Senior Cloud Engineer, idealo

  • Consumer Services

  • Apache Kafka®

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