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Upgrade Aiven Provider for Terraform from v3 to v4

The Aiven Terraform Provider version 4.0.0 was released in February 2023. If you previously upgraded the Terraform provider from version 2 to version 3, then no other actions are needed. Otherwise, this article has information on how to upgrade to version 4.

Major changes in v4

Aiven Terraform Provider has a detailed changelog but the main changes in v4 are:

  • schema fields use strict types instead of string
  • support for strict types in diff functions

These deprecated resources have also been removed:

  • aiven_database
  • aiven_service_user
  • aiven_vpc_peering_connection
  • aiven_flink_table
  • aiven_flink_job

Upgrade Aiven Terraform provider

You update the Aiven Terraform Provider by editing the providers block of your script. If the version was already set to >= 3.0.0 then the upgrade is automatic.

terraform {
required_providers {
aiven = {
source = "aiven/aiven"
version = ">= 4.0.0"

You might need to run terraform init -upgrade for the provider version upgrade to take place.

Update resource syntax

The deprecated fields listed in the major changes were removed. The following example shows how to migrate these fields safely without destroying existing resources.


Backup your Terraform state file terraform.tfstate (if available), just in case of potential rollback.

In this example, the aiven_database field is updated to the service-specific aiven_pg_database field for an Aiven for PostgreSQL® service. A list of all resources is available in the Aiven Operator for Terraform documentation.

  1. Update aiven_database references to aiven_pg_database as in this example file:

    - resource "aiven_database" "mydatabase" {
    project = aiven_project.myproject.project
    service_name = aiven_pg.mypg.service_name
    database_name = "<DATABASE_NAME>"

    + resource "aiven_pg_database" "mydatabase" {
    project = aiven_project.myproject.project
    service_name = aiven_pg.mypg.service_name
    database_name = "<DATABASE_NAME>"
  2. View a list of all resources in the state file:

    terraform state list
  3. Remove the resource from the control of Terraform:

    terraform state rm aiven_database

    Use the -dry-run flag to preview the changes without applying them.

  4. Add the resource back to Terraform by importing it as a new resource:

    terraform import aiven_pg_database project_name/service_name/db_name
  5. Check that the import is going to run as you expect:

    terraform plan
  6. Apply the new configuration:

    terraform apply

You can follow these steps to update the other resources that were deprecated in version 3 of the provider.