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Migrate from teams to groups with Terraform

Teams in Aiven are becoming groups. Groups are an easier way to control access to your organization's projects and services for a group of users.


Teams have been deprecated and are being migrated to groups.

  • On September 30, 2024 the Account Owners team will be removed.

    The Account Owners and super admin are synced, so the removal of the Account Owners team will have no impact on existing permissions. Super admin have full access to organizations.

  • From November 4, 2024 you won’t be able to create new teams or update existing ones.

    To simplify the move, Aiven will also begin migrating your existing teams to groups.

  • On December 2, 2024 all teams will be migrated to groups and deleted.

    To make the transition to groups smoother, you can migrate your teams before this date.

Migrate teams to groups


You can't delete the Account Owners team. Deleting all other teams in your organization will disable the teams feature. You won't be able to create new teams or access your Account Owners team.

  1. For each team, make a note of:

    • which users are members of the team
    • which projects the team is assigned to
    • the team's role for each project
  2. For each team in your organization, create a group with the same name. The following sample creates a group using the aiven_organization_user_group resource.

    resource "aiven_organization_user_group" "admin" {
    organization_id =
    name = "Admin user group"
    description = "Administrators"

    Users on the Account Owners team automatically become super admin with full access to manage the organization. You don't need to create a group for these users or manage this team after the migration.

  3. To add the users to the groups, use the aiven_organization_user_group_member resource:

    resource "aiven_organization_user_group_member" "admin_members" {
    group_id = aiven_organization_user_group.admin.group_id
    organization_id =
    user_id = "USER_ID"
  4. To add each new group to the same projects that the teams are assigned to, use the aiven_organization_group_project resource:

    resource "aiven_organization_group_project" "admin_project1" {
    group_id = aiven_organization_user_group.admin.group_id
    project = aiven_project.PROJECT_RESOURCE_NAME.project
    role = "admin"
  5. After confirming all users have the correct access, delete the team resources.