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Restrict access to databases or tables in Aiven for PostgreSQL®

You can restrict access to Aiven for PostgreSQL® databases and tables by setting up read-only permissions for specific user's roles.

Set read-only access in a schema

  1. Modify default permissions for a user's role in a particular schema.
alter default privileges for role name_of_role in schema name_of_schema YOUR_GRANT_OR_REVOKE_PERMISSIONS
  1. Apply the new read-only access setting to your existing database objects that uses the affected schema.
grant select on all tables in schema name_of_schema to NAME_OF_READ_ONLY_ROLE

Set read-only access in a database

You can set up the read-only access for a specific user's role in a particular database.

  1. Create a new database which will be used as a template create database ro_<name>_template....
  2. For the new template database, set permissions and roles that you want as default ones in the template.
  3. When creating a new database, use create database NAME with template = 'ro_<name>_template'.